Company Overview

Deals4America LLC is considered as one of the leading supplier of Desktop Computer, Laptop, computer accessories, shoes, CCTV, Pen Drive, SD Card, Micro SD card, Monitor, Camera, Phone, Router in North America with 02 offices across the globe, including the head office in Reno, NV. Company started by two former employee of Imaging Technologies Inc, Santa Clara in November 2014. Company started the business by selling hot deals online. And later became reseller of electronics and computer products. Now, company is selling reputed brands in USA i.e ASUS, Samsung, Strontium, Viewsonic, Dell, Lenevo, Microsoft, Apple, Toshiba, Netgear, Logitech. Targus, Trendnet etc.

Company News

From March 2016 Deals4America LLC will start selling strontium Technologies product in USA for first time.

Become authorized vendor of SSD and monitor for Imaging Technologies Inc, Santa Clara, CA.

Signed contract with Chromium Technologies for developing ecommerce website for them.

.Background and Development

The first webdesign opportunities  on a commercial basis began with the requirement of Chromium Technologies Private Limited, Noida, India.

And Deals4America LLC jumped into the business. Right now Deals4America LLC have 04 full time software engineer for website design and development only. Deals4america LLC also supporting Chromium for its e-commerce.

Present Conditions

Recently company have become vendor for Imaging Technologies Inc and selling Monitor and SSD to them.  


Nearly 15  employees are employed in the India office and the number is expected to increase in the coming years. Though there was a slight decline in the past year, more and more people are seeking employment opportunities in the Website Design and Digital Marketing field.